420 rabbits

Follow Joe down the rabbit hole and join a members-only community limited to 420 rabbits for BTC hunters.

BREAKING NEWS 420 Ordinal rabbits breaking news
BREAKING NEWS 420 Ordinal rabbits breaking news

You got here just in time.

420 Rabbits is the main collection of ordinal rabbits, a members-only community led by Joe and the Genesis 32 hunters to advance the ordinal space. Our community is focused on sharing alpha and educational content about ordinals, while also providing a fun and engaging space to enjoy carrot jokes, rabbit-themed humor, and animated content that brings our ordinal rabbits to life in exciting and unexpected ways.

you are wanted

Meet our 420 ordinal rabbits collection and their different elements.


Deep in the heart of the Bitcoin blockchain lies a mysterious world, home to the ordinal rabbits. These rare and elusive creatures are said to possess magical powers, each with its own unique abilities and personality. Legend has it that those lucky enough to possess any of the 32 genesis rabbits will be granted untold riches and good fortune.

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